Érica Mukai Faria, known by many as “Quinha”, is an interdisciplinary artist from Campinas, Brazil.  Quinha is the founder of the Philadelphia Packaging Company, a nine person collaborative that focuses on local production and off-line connectivity among working people. 


Quinha's work explores the concepts of value, waste, and mortality by employing the metaphor of the human body as fragile, resilient packaging for transportation through the world. She is currently based in Philadelphia, PA where she works as an emergency room nurse and a garment maker. 


Interested in physical embodiment and the passage of time, her work asks "How do we reduce the fear associated with death/the dead?", or more simply, "how do we better enjoy this life?"  




Casa Na Ilha Residency Program

Ilhabela, Brazil



Student, Abstract Painting (2019) 

The New York Art Students League

Velocity Fund Awardee (2019-present)

Temple Contemporary, Andy Warhol Foundation 

Founder/Creative Director (2018-present)

The Philadelphia Packaging Company

Tailor Apprentice (2018 - present)

Baldwin's Fashion Institute

Registered Nurse

Hospital of University of Pennsylvania

Emergency Department, 2017-present

Neurology/Neurosurgery, 2015-2017


40th St. Art Residency Program, 2015-2016

Philadelphia, USA

B.S. Nursing

University of Pennsylvania, 2014


B.S. Human Physiology 

University of Oregon, 2011