PHONEBOOK: "The Gold Pages"

Coming soon to your local cornerstore

In September 2019, The Philadelphia Packaging Company (PPC) was awarded The Velocity Fund by Temple Contemporary, made possible by the Andy Warhol Foundation. 


“Phonebook: The Gold Pages” is a multilingual print magazine and digital video series that serves as an exciting expansion of our previous work. Building conceptually from the yellow pages of a citywide free resource, “Phonebook” is a project that connects, informs, celebrates, and promotes the tenacious stories of small businesses and workers who persist in the face of gentrification, growing web sales, and impersonal online reviews. Previously, PPC relied on volunteer contribution, low-budget material, and small-scale production to maintain our commitment to a free product.  With the Velocity Fund, PPC will be able to amplify and diversify our reach, produce a higher quality print publication with an online archive, and continue to offer a free resource that unites working people in Philadelphia.